Turbo Series

A quality product, your essential partner.

Special care has been taken in the design of our bagless canister vacuum cleaners, starting with the choice of top-of-the-range materials: a thermoplastic ABS body, a reinforced chrome telescopic tube, ultra-resistant rubber wheels, etc… This quality finish ensures that your appliance will last a long time.

Multi-cyclonic technology offers a powerful and efficient appliance.

The multi-cyclonic technology means the cyclones in your canister vacuum cleaner capture dust and micro-particles from the air to ensure perfect filtration. Your motor will not therefore be obstructed by micro-dust, thus ensuring that your appliance has constant power without loss of suction. Your canister vacuum cleaner will help you keep your home clean for even longer.

Brushes to suit all your needs.

Your bagless canister vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful turbo-brush that will guarantee perfect removal of threads, pet hair, lint and other everyday dirt. It also offers two additional brushes that are particularly suitable for pets. The EZIclean® Pets ™ Mini turbo brush is the perfect tool for picking up the most encrusted animal hair and bristles in your sofas or even in the carpets in your car. You can also count on the help of the EZIclean® Groom™ grooming brush, which will be a great aid in recovering pet hair before it’s scattered around the house.
*(only for the eco-pets multi-floor versions)
**(only for the multi-floor version)

High capacity and certified filtration.

Its high-performance filtration system will allow you to enjoy healthier air. In effect, its HEPA 13 filter retains more than 99.97% of microscopic parasites, particularly those that cause respiratory allergies. This filtration system has also been certified by the French laboratories AUDENSIEL HEALTHCARE, which recognises EZIclean® filters as perfectly suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergies. This economical and practical to maintain filter is washable and reusable. You therefore have a clean and efficient filter for longer. You also have the advantage of a large dust collector with a 2 litre capacity for greater cleaning coverage without having to empty the collector. Hygienic and practical emptying with just one click.

Careful design for optimised sound quality.

Our engineers have paid special attention to the decibels of our bagless canister vacuums so that they are the quietest on the market. The acoustic containment of the motor has been redesigned to reduce the noise level of your appliance for better comfort.

Compact and convenient to use.

Your bagless canister vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to make your appliance as close as possible to your expectations. Being compact and very light, it can be easily stored, even in small spaces. It will therefore appeal to owners of large houses as well as to those with little space. But that’s not all, its dust collector can be removed in a click for quick and easy cleaning. Vacuuming has never been so convenient.

EZIclean® Turbo eco-silent

Up to 80m²*. Multi-cyclonic technology, no suction loss, powerful and quiet.


EZIclean® Turbo eco-pets

Up to 100m²*. Comes with accessories ideally designed to suck up animal hair from all types of surface.


EZIclean® Turbo multi-floor

Up to 120m²*. Designed for vacuuming the house from floor to ceiling, carpets to tiles.