Turbo Confort Series

A quality product, your essential partner.

Particular care has been taken in the design of our bagless canister vacuum cleaners, starting with the choice of high-end materials: a thermoplastic ABS body, a reinforced chromed telescopic tube, ultra-resistant rubber wheels … quality finish thus ensures your device an exceptional longevity.

Multi-cyclonic technology for a powerful and efficient device.

Thanks to its multi-cyclonic technology, the cyclones in your EZIclean® Turbo Comfort capture dust and micro-particles in the air to ensure perfect filtration. Thus, your motor does not risk being clogged by micro-dust, in order to provide your device with constant power without loss of suction. Your EZIclean® Turbo eco-silent will accompany you even longer in the maintenance of your interior. (only for the EZIclean® Turbo comfort canister vacuum cleaner)

Large capacity and certified filtration.

Thanks to its efficient filtration system, enjoy healthier air. Indeed, its HEPA 13 filter retains more than 99.97% of microscopic parasites and in particular those causing respiratory allergies. This filtration system has also been certified by the French laboratories AUDENSIEL HEALTHCARE, which recognizes EZIclean® filters as perfectly suited to people with asthma and allergy. Economical and practical to maintain, this filter is washable and reusable. So you keep a clean and efficient filter for longer. Also benefit from a large 2L capacity dust container for greater cleaning coverage without having to empty the bin. Hygienic and practical, emptying is done in just one click.

Careful design for optimized sound quality.

Our engineers have paid special attention to the decibels of our bagless canister vacuums so that they are the quietest on the market. The acoustic containment of the engine has been redesigned to reduce the noise level of your device for better user comfort.

Compact and convenient to use.

The design of your bagless canister vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to place your device as close as possible to your expectations. Compact and very light, it can be easily stored even in small spaces. It will therefore appeal to owners of large homes as well as those who lack space. But that’s not all, its dust container can be removed with one click for quick and easy cleaning. Vacuuming has never been so enjoyable.

EZIclean® Turbo one confort

Up to 35m² *. Powerful and compact, ideal for small homes.


EZIclean® Turbo confort

Up to 65m² *. Equipped with mutlicyclonic technology it makes short work of dust and other dirt.


EZIclean® Turbo one

Up to 50m² *. Powerful compact and ultra-filtering to vacuum all your surfaces.