It vacuums and mops up for you.

Your robot vacuum cleaner performs the 3 essential steps of deep cleaning in a single pass. In fact, during its cleaning cycle, your EZIclean® Sweeper connect sweeps dust and other everyday dirt, sucks it up with its powerful suction turbine, then mops it for a neat finish. It is also equipped with an electronic water tank that automatically controls the speed of water flow. So, don’t worry, the water in your appliance will only run when your robot vacuum cleaner has started its cleaning cycle.

(Only for Sweeper, Animal Sweeper and Sweeper connect versions)

An app so you can stay connected to your home
(Only for Sweeper connect and power connect versions)

Take control of your appliance even more easily through its app. Even when you’re not at home, you stay connected to your robot to plan, start and stop its cleaning cycles, wherever and whenever you want. The app offers unique features such as navigation consultation, average cycle time and customisation of its suction power or water flow*. Your robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a camera and microphone, so you can see what the vacuum cleaner sees and hear what it hears. You will even be able to communicate with the people around it. This way you keep an eye on your home, even when you’re away.

*(only for EZIclean® Sweeper connect robot vacuum cleaners)

Latest generation motor with MagnetiK™ technology for high-powered suction.

Your robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a new motor with MagnetiK™ technology of exceptional power allowing you to perfectly vacuum your entire home. No matter what your floor covering is, it will be clean in a jiffy. In addition, this new technology allows the motor to last 3 times longer than other motors on the market. Your robot vacuum cleaner will thus be more effective and for longer.

Navig+™ gyroscopic navigation technology for optimised, fast and efficient cleaning.

“Your robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with the Navig+™ new navigation technology. Equipped with a gyroscope, your appliance plots the layout of the room to be cleaned at each cycle in order to provide an optimised navigation path. Thanks to this technology, your appliance knows its current position, where it has just cleaned and where it still has to go. Its cleaning cycles are then shorter because they are twice as effective. You will be able to enjoy a clean home in no time at all.

(Does not apply to the Sweeper version, which has a random navigation system)”

It is quiet enough to be used when you are at home, as well as when you are away.

Our engineers have paid special attention to the design of our robot vacuum cleaners to make them the quietest on the market. You will be able to send it on its cleaning cycle either when you are away or when you are in the room. So, unlike other vacuum cleaners, its low 55 dB noise level will allow you to watch TV or even make phone calls without being disturbed.

Certified filtration.

“Its high-performance filtration system will allow you to enjoy healthier air. In effect, its HEPA 13 filter retains more than 99.97% of microscopic parasites, particularly those that cause respiratory allergies. This filtration system has also been certified by the French laboratories AUDENSIEL HEALTHCARE, which recognises these filters as perfectly suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergies. This economical and practical to maintain filter is washable and reusable. You therefore have a clean and efficient filter for longer.”

Great autonomy to cover all your home.

The latest generation lithium-ion battery allows your appliance to last 3 times longer than other standard batteries on the market. It thus offers your appliance great autonomy for a coverage of up to 150m².

(Estimated autonomy tested at minimum speed on a hard floor and in a room with a congestion rate of less than 40%)

Brushes specially designed for your pets’ hair.

The EZIcorner™ technology with its 2 side brushes lets your EZIclean® Sweeper Animal efficiently cover the entire floor of your home. The 5 cm long brushes of your appliance means it can sweep the dust in every nook and cranny.
But that’s not all, EZIclean® Sweeper Animal also features an EZIanimal™ main brush with removable and washable rubber blades that will allow you to catch 20% more dirt than other brushes on the market.

(Only for Power Animal and Sweeper Animal versions)

Completely autonomous, it can take care of itself.

Your robot vacuum cleaner is fitted with obstacle detectors and vacuum sensors, making it perfectly autonomous. It detects stairs and continues its cleaning between obstacles without getting stuck. Once its cycle is complete, it will return to its base on its own to recharge. Enjoy your free time, your robot vacuum cleaner takes care of your home.


Using your robot vacuum cleaner is as simple as it is convenient.
Program your vacuum cleaner and forget about it, it will start its cleaning cycle every day at the same time.

Robot vacuum cleaner
EZIclean® Power Animal

Up to 150m²*.
A unique design ideal for collecting animal hair.


Robot vacuum cleaner
EZIclean® Power Connect

Up to 150m²*.
Connected, silent and efficient on all types of floors.


Robot Vacuum Washer
EZIclean® Sweeper

Up to 120m²*.
The hybrid robot that vacuums and washes your tiles and floors in a single pass.


Robot Vacuum Washer
EZIclean® Sweeper Animal

Up to 150m²*.
Designed for vacuuming animal hair and cleaning paw prints for a home that’s always clean.


Connected robot vacuum cleaner
EZIclean® Sweeper Connect

Up to 150m²*.
You can follow the progress of its cleaning through your smartphone. Vacuum and mop in one pass.