Hobot Dry series

It rubs like you, but instead of you.

The rotating movement of the microfibre pads of your robot effectively rub the glass surface and electrify the microparticles of dust to remove them from the surface.
(Only for the Hobot 368 version)

Navig+™ new navigation technology.

The Navig+ new navigation technology of your window cleaning robot offers you exceptional coverage. No matter where you place your robot, it will position itself at the top of the glass surface before starting its cleaning cycle. The exclusive navigation of your robot means it will navigate in a linear fashion to guarantee you optimal cleaning. Once finished, it will return to where you placed it and let you know with a beep.

A two-step process for an impeccable finish.

During its cleaning cycle, each pad of your robot will pass the same place twice. On the first pass, it will absorb the dirt on the glass. On the second pass, it will complete its cleaning process by capturing the microparticles and polishing the surface. Perfect cleaning for spotlessly neat windows.
(Only for the Hobot 368 version)

Latest generation motor with Magnetik™ technology for an exceptional lifespan.

Your EZIclean® Hobot 368 window washer is equipped with a new MagnetiK technology motor for exceptional longevity. Indeed, thanks to its latest generation magnet technology, the motor of your robot will run 3 times longer than other motors on the market. Your EZIclean® Hobot 368 will be more effective for longer.
(Only for the Hobot 368 version)

Ezivac™ latest generation particle extractor.

Once captured in the microfibres, the dust is ejected out of the appliance via its EZIvac patented filtration technology. The microfibre pads therefore continue to loosen and absorb particles throughout its cleaning cycle without becoming saturated.

Connected for use from your smartphone.

In addition to its remote control, your robot can also be controlled via your phone. With its bluetooth connection your appliance will respond to on/off, direction, cleaning mode, etc. commands for simple and convenient use directly from your smartphone.

It works in complete safety.

EZIclean® Hobot 368 has several safety systems:
– A vacuum detector: so that your robot can work on all your windows, whether they have a ledge or not.
– Sensors that prevent your robot from operating on an unstable surface.
– The carabiner supplied with your appliance for cleaning outside windows.
– A backup battery that will keep your robot on the glass for 20 minutes in case of power failure.

Window washing robot
EZIclean® Hobot square – 268

The easy way to make sure your windows are always clean.


Window washing robot
EZIclean® Hobot v2 – 188

Des patins qui frottent la paroi pour des vitres propres en toutes circonstance


Window washing robot
EZIclean® Hobot 368

Doté de notre dernier moteur MagnetiK pour plus de performance. Avec son nouveau design, entretenez vos vitres en toute élégance*.