Cyclowash - serie

EZIclean® Cyclowash is an all-in-one device that vacuums, washes, disinfects and dries your floors in a single pass. Say goodbye to your mop, disinfecting wipes and other household utensils, EZIclean® Cyclowash will meet all your expectations and in a single step.

Simple, fast and effective for a complete cleaning

Thanks to its multiple functions, your EZIclean® Cyclowash appliance allows you, on its own, to vacuum, wash, disinfect and dry your floors. In a single pass, you perform the 3 or 4 other steps that you would do with your hoover, your broom and your mop. For a guaranteed saving of time and space!

UV lamp that disinfects your floors

EZIclean® Cyclowash is equipped with a UV lamp placed under its brush which offers a strong disinfecting power. For more than 100 years, UV-C lamps have been used in hospitals to disinfect medical equipment. The UV lamp of your device, will thus participate in destroying the micro-organisms present in your interior for clean and healthy floors at each passage.

A voice assistant for simplified cleaning

EZIclean® Cyclowash features a voice assistant that will guide you through your cleaning cycle. Filling the clean water tank, emptying the dirty water tank, recharging the device, starting the brush cleaning, are among the many requests made by your device and that will guide you during your sessions for a perfect cleaning.

Automatic cleaning for a clean brush after every pass

Once you’ve finished cleaning, place your device on its charging base and start the automatic cleaning by simply pressing the button provided. No need to dismantle your brush to clean it by hand, in 1 minute it will be rinsed and wrung out, ready for a new use.

A wide brush for fast and thorough cleaning

EZIclean® Cyclowash is equipped with a large 26 cm wide brush that will allow you to clean your floors very quickly. Indeed, thanks to its EZIdry™ brush, you will vacuum and wash your parquet, linoleum and other hard floors in no time. With the P420 version you can also choose to use your appliance in suction mode only and the EZIsoft™ brush will then offer a perfect vacuuming of your carpets or rugs*.

*(Only for the P420 version, the P410 version is equipped with the EZIdry™ brush only)

Two separate water tanks to separate clean water from dirty water

When you clean your floors with a conventional mop, the water you use is the same water you use to rinse your mop. This means that you use dirty water very quickly to clean your floors. With your EZIclean® Cyclowash and its two separate tanks, the water you use will always be clean. The dirty water will be recovered in another tank with the dust and other dirt collected during your cleaning.

The EZIclean® Cyclowash is a very effective way to clean your floors.

High autonomy for a thorough cleaning

EZIclean® Cyclowash is equipped with a very powerful, latest generation Lithium-Ion battery that will not only give it an exceptional lifespan but also a long autonomy* to clean your floors thoroughly without the risk of running out of battery.

*(30 minutes for the P410 version and 45 minutes for the P420 version)

A no-drill charging base

With its floor charging base, there’s no need to drill a hole in the wall: you can store and charge your device in a flash. With this all-in-one charging base you can not only keep your device in place while it is charging but also store its various accessories. So you keep your device within reach, always charged and ready to use.


Outstanding filtration

Thanks to its high-performance filtration system, enjoy healthier air. Indeed, the combination of its HEPA 13 filter and its foam pre-filter retain more than 99.97% of the bacteria and microscopic parasites present in the air and in particular those causing respiratory allergies. EZIclean® filters are therefore perfectly suited for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

EZIclean® Cyclowash P410 Wash-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wash and dry hoover that washes and disinfects all your hard floors for 30 minutes.


EZIclean® Cyclowash P420 handheld hoover

A washing, drying and disinfecting hoover for all your floor types (parquet, tiles, carpet,…) thanks to its great 45 minute autonomy.