Cyclomax R Series

One hoover for all your needs

The cordless vacuums in the Cyclomax R range feature a new motor with MagnetiK™ technology. Equipped with a strong suction, they are as powerful as a canister hoover and thus allow you to efficiently vacuum your entire interior, your car and even your outdoor coverings (terrace, garage, basements,…). Moreover, this new technology allows the motor to last 3 times longer than other motors on the market. Your cordless hoover will then become the one and only hoover in your home.

Lightweight for effortless cleaning

With a weight of 1.3 kilos, your cordless hoover is among the lightest hoovers on the market.
With your handheld hoover, you will be able to clean in the smallest corners of your home without getting tired.

A hoover that fits all your floors and coverings

Your cordless hoover is equipped with a large electro-brush that provides a larger coverage area much faster. It also has LEDs to illuminate the darkest areas of your home for a clean sweep even under furniture.
It also features an EZIanimal™ brush that effectively catches hair and pet hair. Thanks to its washable rubber blades, it picks up 20% more dirt than other ordinary brushes. So remove all your hair and pet hair in no time at all.
Its EZIfloors™ brush offers impeccable cleaning of hard floors. Thanks to its soft nylons coating, it perfectly hugs the defects and asperities of your floors for an always more efficient vacuuming.
Its 2-in-1 precision brush will allow you to clean the smallest nooks and crannies, window frames, ceilings, wall corners, skirting boards, sofa folds, etc.
The R400 and R500 Flex versions also offer a feather duster brush which is ideal for your curtains, net curtains or venetian blinds. It catches the dust accumulated on your fragile surfaces while taking care not to damage them.

A powerful, easy-to-use and efficient device that will become the essential ally in your cleaning sessions

The EZIclean® Cyclomax R range is equipped with a powerful cyclonic suction system that you can adjust thanks to its different speeds offered. Vacuum your carpets and rugs as easily as your tiles or parquet. In addition, its long autonomy* will allow you to clean your entire interior thoroughly thanks to its latest generation Lithium-Ion battery. The EZIclean® Cyclomax R upright hoovers are also ultra-light and very easy to use. Turn them into 2 clicks to vacuum cobwebs, shelves, ceiling lights and other hard-to-reach high objects.
(*Autonomy calculated at speed 1, on a hard floor and without an electric brush. It may also vary depending on the amount of dirt being vacuumed)

Large capacity and exceptional filtration

Thanks to its high-performance filtration system, enjoy healthier air. Indeed, its HEPA 13 filter retains more than 99.97% of microscopic parasites and especially those causing respiratory allergies. This filtration system allows EZIclean® filters to be perfectly adapted to people suffering from asthma and allergies. Economical and convenient to maintain, this filter is washable and reusable. This means you can keep your filter clean and efficient for longer.
Also benefit from a large 800ml dust pan for greater cleaning coverage without having to empty the pan. Hygienic and convenient, emptying is just a click away.

A free-standing base for optimal storage

With its free-standing storage base, there’s no need to drill holes in the wall: you can store and charge your cordless hoover in a snap. This all-in-one charging base will allow you to hold your hoover in place while it is charging. Then clip its various accessories directly to the base. This way you keep a hoover within reach, always charged and ready to use.

A LED touch screen for an exceptional digital experience*

The LCD touch screen on your upright hoover allows you to control one of the 3 suction powers on offer with your fingertips. At a glance you can check the battery status but it will also tell you when the tube or brush needs cleaning.

(*Only for R400 and R500 Flex versions)

A flexible tube to vacuum everywhere*

Your cordless hoover is equipped with a flexible tube that will allow you to reach into the smallest of nooks and crannies.
With one click, bend your tube and, without bending over, vacuum under your furniture, sofas and all the other lowest and most inaccessible places in your home.

(*Only for R500 Flex versions)

EZIclean® Cyclomax R220 Cordless Vacuum

Up to 35 minutes of run time and 114 air watt power. Het stofzuigen van uw harde vloeren wordt eenvoudig.


EZIclean® Cyclomax R420 Cordless Vacuum

Up to 55 minutes of run time.
A super powerful 134 Air Watts of suction thanks to a MagnetiK motor. Its touch screen to control everything with your fingertips.


EZIclean® Cyclomax R520 Flex cordless hoover

Up to 55 minutes of run time.
A super powerful 134 Air Watt vacuum and a flexible tube to vacuum in the most inaccessible places in your home.


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