Blaster F130

A small hoover for convenient, fast and efficient cleaning

The design of your EZIclean® Blaster F130 handheld hoover is such that it will come to your aid in vacuuming up even the smallest dirt in your home. From crumbs on your dining table, to dust behind your radiator, to dirt on your kitchen worktop or even on top of your shelves, your EZIclean® Blaster F130 can do it all. Ultra-light, cordless and easy to handle, it will accompany you to every corner of your home.

A versatile device that will meet all your needs

Fitted with all its accessories, EZIclean® Blaster F130 will meet all your expectations for a complete cleaning of your interior.
Its aluminium tube will allow you to reach the highest places. Thanks to it, you can vacuum the dust on the ceiling or above the windows. Combined with the flat brush, it will allow you to vacuum narrow places like under furniture or sofas without having to bend down.
The 43cm long nozzle will get you into the most inaccessible spaces such as behind radiators, at the bottom of drawers and even under the fridge.
Finally, take advantage of its 2-in-1 brush to dust furniture and remove hair and fur from all your textile coverings.

A charging base for compact storage

With its charging base, you can store and charge your device in a snap. This all-in-one base will not only allow you to keep your device in place while it’s charging but also store its various accessories. So you keep a device within reach, always charged and ready to use.

Powerful suction for spotless cleaning

In addition to its great versatility, EZIclean® Blaster F130 features powerful suction. Its two speeds available at the click of a button will allow you to adapt the suction force to the surface you are cleaning. So, in just a few minutes, you will enjoy a flawless cleaning.

Outstanding filtration

Thanks to its high-performance filtration system, enjoy healthier air. Indeed, the combination of its HEPA 13 filter and its steel pre-filter retains more than 99.97% of the bacteria and microscopic parasites present in the air and in particular those causing respiratory allergies. EZIclean® filters are therefore perfectly suited for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

One-click bin emptying

The dust bin on your EZIclean® Blaster F130 has been designed to allow you to empty it without coming into contact with dust. It opens and empties in no time at all and with just one click. Using a handheld hoover has never been easier or more efficient.

The EZIclean® Blaster F130 is designed to allow you to empty it without coming into contact with dust.

EZIclean® Blaster F130 handheld hoover

An ultra-lightweight, versatile handheld vacuum for exceptional performance