EZIclean® Air pure 500

Air quality

We live 80% of the time in closed spaces: metro, work, sleep; In these confined places, the air can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than the outside air: increasing the tightness of buildings leads to a problem of air renewal in our homes. The health consequences are major: Increase in cases of asthma and allergies; repetitive headaches, decreased concentration.

What are these pollutants 3 times more numerous than 20 years ago?

In our homes there are several types of pollutants of many and varied origins, which have equally diverse consequences on our health. We distinguish between Biological pollutants: Bacteria, spores, pollens – Physical: dust, fibers, fine particles – Chemical: coming in particular from construction materials and decorative elements emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, organic solvents, ethers glycol, hydrocarbons …

How does EZIclean® Air pure 500 work?

The EZIclean® Air pure 500 purifier regulates its suction power thanks to its particle sensor. It monitors air quality in real time and automatically adjusts its filtration speed. You can check the air quality at a glance from its light halo and digital screen. They continuously transmit the pollution status of your interior.

99.98% of indoor pollutants removed
thanks to a unique 6-step filtration process

Where conventional purifiers offer a 4-stage filtration system, EZIclean® Air pure 500 incorporates 2 additional particularly powerful processes. The pre-filter retains particles larger than 2.5mm, such as hair, fibers and dust. The Activated Carbon filter removes harmful gases and odors. The HEPA filters remove ultra-fine particles above 0.3 microns such as allergens, viruses and bacteria. Its action is all the more effective as the release of anions trap the microparticles, facilitating their aspiration by the device. Last but not least, the combined effectiveness of the UV lamp and the photocatalytic filter which sterilize the air, but more importantly, offer enhanced protection against tough chemical pollutants like formaldehyde and other harmful gases like benzene, acetone and carbon monoxide.

Photocatalysis technology borrowed from the hospital environment.

90% of households have a formaldehyde level above the critical threshold. Cited and recognized * as one of the most promising air treatment technologies, photocatalysis effectively eliminates 98% of bacteria, viruses and chemical particles, including the most toxic such as carbon monoxide or acetone . Its efficiency makes it the preferred device for air treatment, sanitation and deodorization of medical, school and industrial environments.

* Ministry of Industry report on key technologies 2010.


Taking advantage of a perfectly hermetic design, EZIclean® Air pure 500 limits both its filtration and its noise level. A continuously cleaned room will not require greater suction power than when the device is in night mode. With an average of 20 decibels, EZIclean® Air pure 500 is perfectly discreet and joins the quietest professional devices on the market.

Comfortable day and night

Once positioned, EZIclean® Air pure 500 automatically adjusts all of its settings to offer you maximum comfort. Thanks to its photoresistor, it switches to Night mode when the room gets dark. Its sound level and light intensity are adjusted to a minimum. Other functions can be selected manually, such as its suction power and its timer.

Air purifier
EZIclean® Air

Up to 85m². For healthier air throughout your interior.


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